Turmeric Super Food For Girls

Spice up your meals with turmeric. Most regularly observed in yellow curry dishes, turmeric is a member of the ginger family.

Why it’s an awesome meal for women: Curcumin, a plant nutrient that offers turmeric its deep golden hue, has long been used in Eastern remedy to treat infections and help pace wound healing.

Preliminary studies in mice show that spice can be beneficial in treating conditions like infection, digestive troubles, arthritis and Alzheimer’s.


“Regions of India with the highest regular consumption of turmeric have the lowest rates in the world of Alzheimer’s disease,” Bazilian says, “It may help promote brain health as we age.”

The body can absorb only a fraction of the curcumin we eat, but adding black pepper may boost our system’s ability to use it by 2,000%, according to Indian researchers.

Where to get it: Look for turmeric in your supermarket’s spice aisle. It costs about $4 per bottle. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a “Little India” you can find turmeric in bulk for much cheaper. Or use curry powder, which contains large amounts of the super spice.

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