Broccoli Super Food For Women

Broccoli Super Food For Women

Few vegetables are as divisive as broccoli, which was on former President H.W. Bush’s “do now not devour” list. Either you love it or hate it — and researchers have even studied the reasons why.

Here’s a clue: If your dad and mom don’t just like the inexperienced stuff, possibilities are you won’t either. Of direction, that doesn’t suggest you may’s find a tasty manner to incorporate it into your food plan.

Why it’s an excellent meal for ladies: Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts p.C. A severe punch against cancer.


Broccoli Super Food For Women

n lab studies, sulforaphane, a chemical found in broccoli and its cousins, actually made cancer cells like leukemia and melanoma self-destruct. A 2007 Chinese study found that the compound may slow down the spread of breast cancer.

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