Breakfast Tips for girls

Breakfast Tips for girls

Here we are explaining breakfast tips for girls. Thore girls who are very consicious about their food and deit they should follow the steps which are mentioned in this post. If you are new user so please bookmark our website for content related to your health and diet.1 bowl oat flake-based cereal with Milk and banana ,Water.

Look for breakfast cereals that are high fibre and low fat and with not too much added sugar or salt. Here are some healthy breakfast options:

  • porridge with honey and cinnamon
  • muesli with yoghurt
  • fresh fruit and yoghurt
  • higher-fibre cereals like Weet-Bix, Vita Brits, Mini-Wheats, Just Right, Fibre Plus,  Sustain or similar
  • multigrain toast with a boiled or poached egg
  • baked beans on toast
  • raisin toast
  • pita bread with olives and feta
  • melted cheese and vegemite on toast or an English muffin
  • crumpets with jam
  • banana milkshake or fruit smoothie
  • pancakes with yoghurt and fruit.


1 bowl oat flake-based cereal with
milk and banana


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